Moonphase is the light engine that allows you to dynamically change the color temperature of the emitted light from 3000K to 5000K with a CRI up to 96.

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Moonphase Layout


  • CCT is tuned by means of a simple PWM 5V signal
  • No need for temperature compensation
  • Easy integration on multiple systems
Moonphase CCT

Cost effective

  • Moonphase operates with a simple constant current single channel power supply up to 60W
  • Moonphase reduces the number of LEDs, only increasing by 15% with respect to a single cct solution
Moonphase Color

  • High color Quality
  • Wide CCT range: 3000-5000 K
  • Flux is constant in the entire CCT range
  • CRI ranges from 93 to 96 (LES 35 mm)
  • No flickering → PWM up to 2 kHz