Tunable White Lamps

Tunable CCT allow the design of different lighting scenarios as a function of products, seasons or weather conditions. High color rendering performances grants the best sensorial experience, with vibrant, true life colors.

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Microelectronics Research Group


Filò lets you dynamically redefine your environment through light. Slide the luminous sticks of Filò to change the shape of the lamp and surprise your friends by giving ever-changing styles to your place.

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Custom Instrumentation

LightCube designs custom measurement setups for optical, thermal and electrical testing of LEDs and LED-based lamps. Ask for a quotation (at of our setup for thermal measurements (RthWizard), and for our large-size goniometers (C-γ).

Microelectronics Research Group


Optoelectronics systems designed for specific applications. Our modular multi output LED system has been specifically developed to allow the easy generation of custom wavelength combinations from UV to IR. Biological, medical, chemical and industry related tunable spectrum excitation can be easily achieved.